Welcome to the Brisbee Bookmobile
Christmas Party & Open House!

Santa Mouse

You're just in time to help Scrappy's Friends put the finishing touches on the Bookmobile Christmas tree!

Scrappy and friends decorating treeelf cat

As soon as everyone arrives, we're going to bundle up and go for a sleigh ride. When we get back, we'll read some of our favorite Christmas stories and then we'll have refreshments.

Look out the window . . . Cocoa looks like she's raring to go and I'll bet Jack is too!

Cocoa in the snow

Let's bundle up and help Mizz Fratt and Cowgirl hitch up the sleighs. Jingle bells . . . jingle bells . . . jingle all the way!

Over the hills and through the woods, to the Virtual Texan Ranch we go! Look at all the pretty decorations! Betty even built a snowman on the front lawn. I'm surprised she didn't string lights on Rusty's long horns!

I wish we could stay longer, but it's time to head back to the Bookmobile. . . .

Riding back in that open sleigh was an exhilarating, but chilling experience! Does anyone want a cup of coffee or hot chocolate? I suppose the kitties would prefer fresh cream. Okay, just fill your cups and make yourself comfortable, while we have our Christmas story hour. (After you read the stories, please use your back button to return to the Bookmobile.) Around this time of year, the question, "Is there really a Santa Claus?" is often asked. This is the best response ever written:

"Yes, Virginia . . . ."

For your holiday enjoyment, the Brisbee Bookmobile has secured a copy of the true, amazing history of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

The next selection has been a favorite of young and old ever since it was first published:

The Night Before Christmas
by Clement Moore

Please help yourself to the refreshments. The bowls of eggnog and wassail on the left are plain, but the ones on the right have been "doctored" with Swampy's secret ingredients. The Cakeman provided a variety of Flips, including some stuffed with tuna for the kitties. JB, be sure to put a big dip of Blue Bell™ Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream on your peach cobbler!

Before you leave, we have a little present for each of you: a ticket to the CLAW Theater Thespian's presentation of Sleeping Beauty.  This extraordinary production has an outstanding cast of talented kitties! The sets and costumes will dazzle your eyes and the music will delight your ears!!!

Sleeping Beauty

We hope everyone had fun today. Please come back any time ... the door to the Brisbee Bookmobile is always open.

pine tree swag

The Brisbee Bookmobile Christmas Party is dedicated in memory of Sandra Fratt.


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Harness adornment by Sandra Fratt
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